The Band

Five Field Holler have been playing together for many years.  Born from a random series of chance encounters, the band has evolved into a tight groove machine that’s not afraid to stretch out and let rip. 

The band is formed from the bedrock of drummer Robin Lowrey (aka ‘Thundersticks’), who faces the daily struggle of living with the spirit of John Bonham trapped in the body of a jazz cat.  However hard the band plays, mysteriously Robin never breaks into a sweat - is he a machine?! 


Laying down the bottom end is Emil ‘iPad’ Engström, who’s fleet fingered funkiness is only matched by his encyclopedic knowledge of all things ‘groove’. Usually to be found with his head in the latest piece of electronic gadgetry, his hair style has recently undergone radical alteration, leading some people to believe he has been enveloped by the spirit of Bootsy Collins. 


Guitar and vocals are provided by Chris Saunders, a blues obsessive who likes 15-bar blues, and wishes the skin on his finger tips would grow back faster.  The Blues Police are ‘aware’ of Chris, and he has been known to say “if you want a version of ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’, go find a Muddy Waters CD”.


The sound of Five Field Holler has in the past also included the sounds of mercurial Italin keyboard maestro Marco Andreose, a monster of the ivories, and the owner of a mean tomato and garlic pasta sauce recipe. 

The sound of Five Field Holler is a fresh approach to playing blues and roots rock.


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  2. Didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you all & Nina, yesterday morning. Thanks for adding so much to a fabulous Blues weekend – the first of many, I truly hope!
    It was the first time for Maggs & me and I have to confess that the the whole experience did exceed my expectations – I particulalrly enjoyed the afternoon gigs and the jam sessions because the audience were so much closer to the music than in the big dining room – we were miles away from the stage. Hope to catch you all soon – try to get some gigs North of the Thames Rio Grande!

  3. Heard the band for the first time at Hayling Island last January and were blown away! So thoroughly enjoyed hearing you again there last weekend and bought your CD which we are listening to as I write. Still think you should have been the headline act as you are way better than the Hamsters! Will be trying to catch you at future gigs whenever we can. All the best.

  4. Hi Chris. Just had a quick shufty at your website and having watched a couple of your You Tube clips, I felt compelled to once again tell you how much I enjoyed listening – watching you guys perform last weekend at Hayling Island. We spoke briefly on a couple of occasions – once when you introduced your lovely wife Nina. I was the old git at the bar. One of our party lives in Poole which I know is sort of your neck of the woods. Hopefully next time I visit you might be playing within striking distance.
    Good luck to you all……Jan

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